Apply for Housing

Section 8
Click here for information on our Housing Choice Voucher program.
Delray Housing Authority: Closed
Elderly Project Based: Closed
Housing Choice Voucher Waiting List 2022: Closed
Island Cove Project Base Units 2023: Closed
Lake Delray Apartments: Open
Village Square Elderly Apartments: Open
Delray Housing Group
Click here for information on our Public Housing program.
DHG Island Cove : Open
DHG Affordable Housing: Open
Carolyn Quince Apartments: Open
LaFrance Apartments: Open
To complete your application you will need tosubmit the required documents, which are: income verification, personal declaration, child care expenses, birth certificates, social security cards, identification cards, proof of student status -if applicable-, utility verification, income tax, and bank statement.

For this preliminary application you will only be required to enter the head of households member information.

To start your application for housing, click the Start Application button.