Apply for Housing

Section 8
Click here for information on our Housing Choice Voucher program.
Delray Housing Authority: Closed
Elderly Project Based: Closed
Housing Choice Voucher Waiting List 2022: Closed
Island Cove Project Base Units 2023: Closed
Lake Delray Apartments: Closed
Village Square Elderly Apartments: Closed
Delray Housing Group
Click here for information on our Public Housing program.
DHG Island Cove : Closed
DHG Affordable Housing: Closed
Carolyn Quince Apartments: Closed
LaFrance Apartments: Closed
To complete your application you will need tosubmit the required documents, which are: income verification, personal declaration, child care expenses, birth certificates, social security cards, identification cards, proof of student status -if applicable-, utility verification, income tax, and bank statement.

For this preliminary application you will only be required to enter the head of households member information.

Our waiting lists are closed.